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Ave Maria (Schubert).MP3 Ave Maria (Schubert).MP3
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bridal entrance.MP3 bridal entrance.MP3
Size : 1871.428 Kb
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Jesu, joy.MP3 Jesu, joy.MP3
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Canon in D.MP3 Canon in D.MP3
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bridal exit.MP3 bridal exit.MP3
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From This Moment On.mp3 From This Moment On.mp3
Size : 2740.105 Kb
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Amor Eterno.MP3 Amor Eterno.MP3
Size : 2193.062 Kb
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Arioso- Bach.MP3 Arioso- Bach.MP3
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Ode to Joy (Beethoven).MP3 Ode to Joy (Beethoven).MP3
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Rigaudon- Campra.MP3 Rigaudon- Campra.MP3
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Trumpet Voluntary.MP3 Trumpet Voluntary.MP3
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Trumpet Tune.MP3 Trumpet Tune.MP3
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RECEPTION  MUSIC selections include a wide variety of Classical, Popular, and Mexican Music. TO SEE THE LISTS AND HEAR MORE MUSIC, CLICK THIS LINK:



CLASSICAL                                                   POPULAR

Jesu, Joy                                           From this Moment On

Liebestraum                                       Morning has Broken

Barcarolle                                          The Wedding Song

Ave Maria- Schubert                           A Time for Us

Theme of Devotion                              Ice Castles

Ode to Joy                                         Wind Beneath my Wings

Expectation Waltz                              Love Story

Swan Lake theme                              You Raise Me Up

Rhapsody on a theme                         All I Ask of You

   of Paganini                                     Tara’s Theme

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik                      Eternally

Brahms waltz                                     A Thousand Years

Finlandia                                            Marry Me

Bach Arioso

Bach Minuet                                    MEXICAN                                          

Toselli Serenade                               Amor Eterno

The Lord's Prayer                             Solamente Una Vez

Tchaikowsky theme                          Los Laureles

  (from Concerto #1)                          Dos Arbolitos

Fur Elise                                          Eres Tu

Clair de Lune theme                          Somos Novios

Vivaldi themes                                  Amar


Canon in D- Pachelbel                          Rondeau- Mouret

Trumpet Voluntary- Clarke                    Ode to Joy- Beethoven

Trumpet Tune- Purcell                          Rigaudon- Campra              

Bridal Chorus- Wagner (entrance)          Hornpipe- Handel

Wedding March- Mendelssohn (exit)     



Unity Candle, Offertory, Sign of Peace,  Communion, Flowers to the Virgin 

To hear some mass music (I am the Bread, Prayer of St. Francis, and Pescador des Hombres), click this link:


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